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Stolen Apparatus/Ambulance History, 2018

(1)01-24-18 Man steals Kanawha County ambulance from scene in Charleston South Carolina
(2)02-13-18 Man steals Excelsior ambulance outside main office and ditches it in river. Camden County GA
(3)02-16-18 Teen steals Kanawha County fire truck and claims to be “Fire Chief”.  West Virginia
(4)02-20-18 Man steals Grundy County Ambulance from Wright Memorial Hospital.  Tennessee
(5)02-21-18 Man steals Texas DPS ambulance from scene and ends in Police shooting, Killeen, TX
(6)02-26-18 Man steals St John ambulance from scene in Dunedin, New Zealand
(7)03-03-18 Someone steals Bullitt County Ambulance from Jewish Hospital, Louisville KY.
(8)03-06-18 Someone steals 2 Mayfield VFD trucks from Fire Station, Tuscalossa County AL.
(9)03-08-18 Man steals ambulance from Villages Hospital, The Villages Florida
(10)03-27-18 Man steals Chicago FD ambulance from St Bernard Hospital.  Chicago ILL.
(11)03-28-18 Man steals ambulance from Chaoyang Central Hospital, Northeast China
(12)04-03-18 Woman steals ambulance from Downtown Los Angeles Hospital LA CA
(13)04-05-18 Man steals ambulance from Rosalia FD for a joy ride, former volunteer FF Rosalia WV
(14)04-05-18 Man steals ambulance and crashing in police car, Utica, Mich.
(15)04-08-18 Man steals Horry County FD rescue ambulance from Emergency room.  Horry County SC
(16)04-08-18 Los Angeles County has second ambulance stolen in weeks, trucked crashed   LA CA
(17)04-17-18 Woman steals ambulance in Decatur GA and leads Police on chase, Decatur County GA
(18)04-20-18 Man steals ambulance from hospital and crashed it and trapped inside, Virginia Beach VA
(19)05-11-18 Man steals ambulance from St Thomas Hospital and crashed rig, Akron Ohia
(20)05-14-18 Man steals ambulance while crew is attending patient in back, Logan, Philadelphia
(21)05-16-18 Man steals ambulance wife is being treated by crew.  Queensland Canada
(22)05-21-18 Man steals ambulance from Rhode Island Hospital, Providence, RI
(23)06-06-18 man steals AMR ambulance and crashes into Big Rig, Riverside County Mareno Valley CA
(24)06-11-18 woman steals EMS suv left running at Metlife stadium and crashed into a taxi, NY
(25)06-14-18 Woman steals ambulance and crashed and died in crash, Haines Junction Canada
(26)06-18-18 Man steals paramedic unit from scene in Albany New York
(27)06-24-18 someone steals fire department utility truck from fire station, Briceland CA
(28)07-02-18 Man steals Physicians Ambulance from Westlake Hospital Oberlin Ohio
(29)07-06-18 man steals ambulance from Universal Hospital in St Johns Ohio
(30)07-13-18 man steals ambulance from storage lot and crashed into RR crossing, Kikdwick UK
(31)07-14-18 someone steals ambulance from St Johns Hospital in Tulsa Oklahoma
(32)07-15-18 Man steals Sacramento Fire Department engine and picks up girlfriend, Sacramento CA
(33)07-25-18 woman patient get agitated and steals ambulance, Montreal Canada
(34)07-26-18 man steals ambulance from hospital because it to hot to walk,  Mesa Arizona
(35)07-30-18 woman steals Acute Medical Services ambulance and crashed it,  Houston TX
(36)07-30-18 man steals ambulance after crew arrives on scene, Chanute, KS
(37)08-03-18 police searching for woman who stole ambulance from Hospital, Oklahoma City OK
(38)08-08-18 woman steals ambulance from Rockcastle county hospital says she is tired of waiting, Mt Vernon KY
(39)08-10-18 woman steals ambulance from Mary Black Gaffney hospital,  South Carolina
(40)08-13-18 someone steals rescue truck from Strinestown Fire Company, Manchester PA
(41)08-14-18 woman steals ambulance from St. Joseph’s Medical Center    Stockton CA
(42)08-14-18 someone steals ambulance from St Johns in Geraldine, Canterbury
(43)08-24-18 teen steals ambulance and crashed into motorcyclist, Coventry, RI
(44)08-24-18 man steals ambulance from Holy Cross Hospital Taos New Mexico
(45)08-26-18 man tries to steal fire enginebut crew pulls him from seat.  Stockton CA
(46)08-29-18 man steals San Antonio Fire Department ambulance, crashes on Interstate 410, TX
(47)09-02-18 man steals Albuquerque FD ambulance from Presbyterian Hospital, Albuquerque NM
(48)09-06-18 someone steals private CC&T ambulance and police find it in Macon, GA
(49)09-10-18 man steals Broward County Sheriffs ambulance BSO Miami Florida
(50)09-17-18 woman steals ambulance from Roseburg Oregon lead police on 25 mile chase
(51)09-21-18 someone steals ambulance from Baltimore City FD at Mercy Medical Center, Baltimore MD
(52)10-08-18 man steals Reno Fire Rescue Rig while crew treats patient. Reno NV
(53)10-10-18 man steals ambulance from UNC Medical Center in Chapel Hill NC
(54)10-12-18 man steals FD commander truck while crews treat patient San Antonio TX
(55)10-19-18 woman steals Pennsylvania ambulance during call in Scranton PA
(56)10-30-18 woman steals Horry County Ambulance as crew treat patient inside home,   Horry County SC
(57)11-01-18 woman steals ambulance from Norton Hospital Downtown Louisville KY
(58)11-08-18 someone steals ambulance in Kerrville TX
(59)11-27-18 man steals ambulance from bay at Hardin Memorial Hospital.  Louisville KY
(60)12-05-18 man steals ambulance from bay at St Louis University Hospital    St Louis Missouri
(61)12-07-18 someone steals Seattle Fire Department ambulance form scene and found 5 minutes later, Seattle Washington
(62)12-11-18 man steals ambulance from Lady of the Sea General Hospital and was going to “Japan” Lafourche Parish Louisiana
(63)12-14-18 someone steals ambulance from fire station and loads it with equipment Grays River WA
(64)12-17-18 man being transported steals ambulance and lead Police on chase, Los Angeles CA
(65)12-20-18 someone broke into fire station at Grays River Fire District and stole ambulance. Lake Elsinore Ca
(66)t12-28-18 two men steal Calexico ambulance and toke for ride home.  Calexico CA

Fire department implements new safety measures following stolen fire truck

November 8, 2017


EMT killed, partner injured after man hits them in NYC with stolen ambulance

March 17, 2017

New York City, New York

Tower truck rolls at Publix, damage to truck and cart corral

May 25, 2015
Fort Myers, Florida

Ambulance Car Jacked-Fatal Results

December 18, 2014
An ambulance from the Branchville VFD (Co. 11) in Prince Georges County (MD) was car (ambu) jacked earlier tonight resulting in what appears to be the death of an innocent civilian. Around 1700, Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Department Ambulance 811 (of the Branchville firehouse) was carjacked by an EDP (emotionally disturbed person) who assaulted the crew.

Stolen Fire Truck South Carolina

Beaufort/Port Royal Fire Department, SC, man steals fire truck injuries 6

Stolen Fire Truck Hits Innocent Civilian

May 14th, 2012

SCFD Florida Engine rolls across 4 lane hwy, T-bone accident w/injury

Sept 20, 2000

SCFD Florida Engine rolls out of bay across hwy, car misses crashes in ditch

August 21, 2001

Halindal Fire Department, engine rolls at scene. Salinia, New York

May 16, 2007

Angles Creek Fire Department, engine rolls out of bay across road

April 28, 2009

Stolen Apparatus/Ambulance History, 2017

1:   1/07/2017 Woman steals LAFD and crashes into pole.  Arleta, CA
2:   1/25/2017 Man steals ambulance and crashes into tree. Corpus Christi, TX
3:   1/30/2017 Man steals ambulance and crashes it.  Sidney, Ohio
4:   2/7/2017    Man hijacks ambulance Gastonia, NC
5:   2/17/2017 Woman steals Fire Truck that was idling in parking lot.  Kerns, Utah
6:   3/11/2017 Man steals Clay County ambulance from hospital.  Dothan Alabama
7:   3/17/2017 Man steals FDNY ambulance, kills EMT driver.  New York, NY
8:   3/21/2017 Man steals ambulance from Scripps Mercy Hospital, San Diego CA
9:   3/22/2017 83 yo man steals ambulance.  Nassau County NY
10: 3/29/2017 Woman steals Austin Travis ambulance, 5th one in two years Austin, TX
11: 3/30/2017 Woman steals FD truck and leads on high speed chase.  Dover, KS
12:  4/4/2017 Man steals ambulance and leads Police on high speed chase Palestine, TX
13:  4/4/2017 Man steals ambulance and leads police on 150 KL chase.  Florence, Italy
14:  4/07/2017 Teen steals ambulance in Palestine, Texas and lead police on chase, Dash Cam video TX
15:  4/10/2017 Someone steals Siksika Nation Fire and Rescue brush truck RCMP searching Canada
16:  4/20/2017 Someone steals Darlington County ambulance, drives 8 miles leaving on side of road SC
17:  5/5/2017 Man steals Vancouver General Hospital ambulance from hospital CANADA
18:  5/9/2017 Man steals El Paso Fire ambulance from Providence Hospital ER. TX
19:  5/15/2017 Man steals Ambulance from Jackson Behavioral Health Hospital Miami FL
20:  5/20/2017 Man steals Prince George’s county ambulance from Hospital Bay Flat tires MD
21:  5/28/2017 Man steals Waterloo ambulance from Hospital bay, Toronto Canada NON-passive system
22:  6/7/2017 Man tries to steal ambulance and crushes FF foot, Crashed into firetruck, Chico FD CA
23:  6/10/2017 Man steals Gold Cross ambulance from hospital in Augusta, GA
23:  6/23/2017 Man steals ambulance in Clayton County and leads Police on chase Dash Cam video GA
24:  7/01/2017 Man steals ambulance in Miami-Dade County from Hospital, Miami Fl
25:  7/01/2017 Man steals ambulance form Houston Hospital, TX
26:  7/03/2017 Man steals Barrow County ambulance and drives for hours.  GA
27:  7/11/2017 someone stole ambulance from Prince-Georges County and leave at 7-11 MD
28:  7/12/2017 Man steals ambulance from Good Shepard Hospital in Longview TX
29:  7/18/2017 Man steals ambulance from McAllen Medical Center in Pharr TX
30:  7/21/2017 Man steals ambulance from Hilo Medical Center Honolulu Hawaii
31:  7/28/2017 Man steals ambulance from Duke University Hospital Durham, NC
32:  8/24/2017 Man steals East Molines Fire truck and crashes it, Hampton Illinois
33:  9/04/2017 Woman steals ambulance from OSU Medical Center Tulsa OK
34:  9/9/2017 Woman steals AMR ambulance from scene in Las Vegas Nevada
35:  9/26/2017 Man steals ambulance from Taney County EMS Hollister MO
36:  9/30/2017 someone steals San Antonio Fire Department ambulance and crashes TX
37: 10/06/2017 Man steals ambulance on Alamo Indian reservation NM
37: 10/09/2017 Man steal ambulance for hospital in Mount Clemens Mich.
38: 10/18/2017 Houston FD Squad stolen and crashed Houston TX
39: 10/21/2017 Man steals Dayton EMS ambulance with medic inside.  Dayton OH
40: 10/23/2017 man tries to steal FDNY fire truck with driver in seat!  NY
41: 10/23/2017 Man steals Sunbury ambulance from Geisinger Medical Center and tried to "score" PA
42: 10/24/2017 man steals Houston FD ambulance with crew in back, Houston TX
43: 10/29/2017 man steals Mobile FD ambulance and crash on I-10 Mobile Al
44: 11/10/2017 man steals running ambulance for Parkland Hospital Dallas-Fort Worth TX
45: 11/25/2017 man steals Fort Worth command vehicle from Fire Scene, Fort Worth TX
46: 12/03/2017 man steals Ambulance in Annapolis Canada
47: 12/10/2017 someone steals AMR ambulance in Apple Valley CA
48: 12/13/2017 homeless man steals ambulance in Russell Ville NV
49: 12/20/2017 someone steals ambulance for Martins Ferry during life flight transfer, OH
50: 12/21/2017 man steals ambulance and robs bank in La Porte TX
51: 12/22/2017 patient steals Queensland Hospital ambulance and crashes Canada
52: 12/24/2017 man steals ambulance for Christmas shopping Athens, GA
53: 12/26/2017 someone steals ambulance and chased by police in Clarke County IN

Stolen Apparatus/Ambulance History, 2016

 1. January 3, man steals ambulance from Tulsa, OK Hospital
  2.  January 6, man steals ambulance from AnMed Hospital, Anderson, SC
  3.  January 19, woman steals ambulance from Royal Alexandra Hospital, Edmonton, Canada
  4.  February 1, man steals ambulance from Grady Ambulance, Atlanta, GA
  5.  February 11, woman steals Huston Fire Department ambulance, Huston, Texas
  6.  February 20, man steals ambulance from ST Paul Fire Department, ST Paul, MN
  7.  February 22, man steals ambulance from Toccoa Ambulance Company, Toccoa, GA
  8.  February 23, man steals ambulance from Covenant Medical Center Waterloo Hospital Waterloo, IA
  9.  March 2, woman steals XXXXXXX Rescue from scene, drove 7 blocks Florida
10.  March 5, two men steal fire truck from station and damage 7 cars and Engine, Northern Ireland
11.  March 5, someone stole Lorimor Fire Department brush truck, Lorimor Cedar Rapids, IA
12.  March 6, man steals Fire Truck in Northern Ireland, crashes more than 12 cars, Fire Truck into building
13.  March 7, woman steals McDowell County Ambulance NC.  Crashes truck into tree
14.  March 13, woman steals ambulance from Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte NC.
15.  March 18, man steals ambulance from St. Anthony Hospital in downtown Oklahoma City.
16.  March 24, ROSEBURG, Ore. woman in Oregon stole an ambulance, police through the streets of Roseburg
17.  March 30, man steals ambulance in San Juan, Puerto Rico and crashes into dozens of cars.
18.  April 25, man steals Fire SUV and rams police cars in Melbourne Australia
19.  May 4, woman steals DeKalb County GA ambulance.  Not DeKalb first one in the past year!!!!
20.  May 8, Chiefland man steals Gainesville Fire Rescue support truck while crews tend to cardiac patient
21.  May 12, drunk man steals Rodchester NY ambulance and crashes short time later.
22.  May 13, someone steals Huston FD ambulance in Texas, crashes into tree not to be found.
23.  May 18, man steals Seattle Washington ambulance and leads police on slow chase thru town.  VIDEO
24.  May 18, someone steals SWAINSBORO, GA ambulance from the parking lot of Emanuel Medical Center
25.  May 24, Man steals Harker Hieghts ambulance, leads police on chase and crashes unit overturned
26.  May 25, someone steals Houston County Fire Rescue truck, no damage to truck
27.  June 3, man steals ambulance from Kingswood Medical Center and lead police on 3-4 mile chase.
28.  June 7, woman steals San Francisco Fire Department ambulance and crashed truck, total loss
29.  June 7, woman steals Medex ambulance from University Hospital police find one hour later.
30.  June 18, man steals Acadian ambulance outside Baton Rouge Behavioral Hospital.
31.  June 27, man steals fire truck from Paulding County Ga fire station, crashing thru bay doors
32.  July 5, man steals Sanford FD (FL) Rescue 31 from Central Florida Reginal Hospital with paramedic in back.
33. July 8, man steals Ambulance from Charlotte County Volunteer Department at Centra Southside Hopital
34. July 19, man steals Dallas Fire/Rescue Ambulance after jumping from rear to driver’s seat. Crashed into warehouse.
35. July 22, man steals ambulance in Monroe County TN, hits Deputy with injuries with paramedic in back.
36. July 26, woman steals ambulance from Mason General Hospital in Shelton Washington.
37. July 30, man steals ambulance from fire scene in Clearlake California.  Damage to unit as he attempted to steal meds.
38. August 1, drunk man steals ambulance for scene in Bronx NY.
39. August 2, man steals Midland TX Fire Department squad truck and crashes with significant damage.
40. August 8, man steals Southside EMS ambulance from SMUMC in Savanna GA
41. August 10, man steals ambulance from UT Southwestern Hospital in Dallas TX.
42. August 20, woman steals ambulance from outside Deaconess Hospital Cincinnati OH  great VIDEO
43. August 24, someone steals ambulance in Logan Lake BC.
44. August 25, man steals ambulance from Decatur Morgan Hospital, Decatur Alabama.
45. August 27, someone steals ambulance in Charlestown Boston Mass.
46. September 6, man steals Lifefleet ambulance from gas station in Youngstown OH
47. September 6, man steals private ambulance from hospital in Kerrville TX, chase ended with flat tires
48. September 10, man steals Clinton Township ambulance Columbus OH, crashes into fence
49. September 12, person in custody after stealing ambulance outside Calgary Rehab center, Calgary Canada
50. September 18. Man steals ambulance from Erlanger Baroness Hospital, Chattanooga TN. Low speed chase
51. September 21, someone steals a LifeNet ambulance from National Memorial Hospital in Hot Springs Co.
52. October 11, homless man steals Ambulance in Cambridge Mass. and crashes into police car.
53. October 30, someone steals ambulance in Sacramento California from ambulance bay at hospital.
54. November 1, Lawrence County ambulance stolen from Kings Daughter Hospital, Ashland Kentucky
55. November 9, Woman steals AMR ambulance from medical center in Longview Washington.
56. November 12, someone steals ambulance from Delco Volunteer Department Delaware County, Delaware
57. November 28, man steals Woodlyn VFD ambulance after being terminated in May 2016. 
58. December 3,  man steals Austin-Travis County EMS ambulance and is arrested in Killeen TX.
59, December 22,  2 men steal fire truck from Leach Fire Department in Delaware County,  Oklahoma
60. December 22, someone steals fire truck from Oaks Fire Department in Cherokee County, Oklahome
61. December 25, someone steals Austin-Travis County EMS ambulance with patient and crew inside! Number 2 in 2 weeks!

Stolen Apparatus/Ambulance History, 2015

1.  January 1, man steals ambulance from Eylria Hospital, OH
  2.  January 6, man steals ambulance from Vidiant Medical, Greenville, NC
  3.  January 7, someone steals ambulance from Lacey Fire Department, WA
  4.  January 8, man steals ambulance from Norton Healthcare, Louisville, Kentucky
  5.  January 12, man steals Rosehill Fire Department fire truck, Tomball, Texas
  6.  January 12, woman steals ambulance from Baylor Hospital, Dallas, Texas
  7.  January 23, someone steals fire truck from Austin Fire Department, Austin, Texas
  8.  January 27, man steals ambulance Middlesex, London
  9.  January 31, someone stole fire truck from Kalkallo fire brigade, Melbourne, Australia
10.  February 4, woman steals fire truck from active scene, Vancouver, BC
11.  February 10, man steals ambulance from Mississippi Medical Center, Tupelo, Mississippi
12.  February 13, man steals islands only ambulance, Langeoog, North Sea Island
13.  February 22, man steals ambulance from Hospital in New Lenox, Illinois
14.  February 28, man steals fire truck from Commerce Township Fire Department, Michigan
15.  March 7, man steals Houston Fire Department ambulance, Houston, Texas
16.  March 11, man steals Medstar ambulance in Fort Worth, Texas
17.  March 16, stolen Pafford EMB ambulance from St. Dominic Hospital, Jackson, Miss.
18.  March 25, woman steals Careflight ambulance from Texas Hospital, Dallas Fort Worth, Tx
19.  March 27, Forrest service engine stolen from station, Grant Pass, Oregon
20.  April 7, man steals ambulance from Grady Memorial Hospital, Cobb County, Georgia
21.  April 11, man steals ambulance and crashes into double decker bus, (DEATH), UK
22.  April 13, man steals ambulance from Lake Side Rescue squad, Henrico County, VA
23.  April 15, X volunteer takes fire truck on joy ride without permission, Beckly WV
24.  April 22, man steals Houston Fire Department ambulance, Houston, TX
25.  May 15, woman steals Hall Ambulance, Frazier Park, California, (DEATH)
26.  June 1, man steals ambulance from Chicago and crashes in Wisconsin, roll-over
27.  June 6, man steals San Bernardino County Fire Department fire truck, California
28.  June 10, man steals Chief’s fire truck, Greenville, South Carolina 
29.  June 9, woman steals ambulance from St. Luke's University Hospital, Fountain Hill, PA
30.  June 13, woman steals ambulance from Indiana EMS, Indianapolis, Indiana
31.  June 15, woman steals ambulance from Iqaluit, Canada
32.  June 21, man steals Chicago Fire Department ambulance with PM in back, Illinois
33.  July 5, man steals Portage Michigan Ambulance with PM in back.  Michigan
34.  July 10, San Diego CA. man steals ambulance from SDFRD
35.  July 26, Sowetan ambulance stolen by man who crashed into scene killing one (DEATH)
36.  August 6th, Utility Truck stolen from Littleton Fire Department, Denver
37.  August 17th, Man steals Calgary ambulance Parkdale Blvd, Crowchild Tr. N.W.
38.  August 19th, ambulance stolen during rescue mission North Eastern France
39.  August 29th, Nassau Bahama ambulance stolen and crashed into house
40.  September 5th, Woman steals Trans Med ambulance from scene Wilkes-Barre PA
41.  September 10th, Man steals ambulance and crashes into trees apartment building Harlington TX
42.  September 11th, Woman steals ambulance Dartmouth General Hospital Nova Scotia
43.  September 11th, Man steals Kirkwood Ambulance Stolen from St. Anthony's Hospital St. Louis MO
44.  October 8th,  Woman steals Ambulance from and crashed into tree, Smithtown NY
45.  October 8th,  Man steals Ambulance in San Antonia Tx
46.  October 15th, Man steals Ambulance from Gwinnett County GA.  SECOND unit stolen this year in that area.               
47.  October 22nd, someone steals Ambulance from ASU game.  Boone NC
48.  November 1st , man steals Ambulance from Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center PA.
49.  November 1st , man steals Ambulance from Colorado State University, Denver CO.
50.  November 20th,man steals Ambulance from Trinity Medical Center in Minot North Dakoda. Crash and totaled 
51.  November 26th man steals Ambulance from scene in Ridge Spring, Saluda County SC and crashed into car port
52.  November 29th, man steals Rose Ambulance from scene in York City NY, joy ride only last few minutes
53.  December 4th, man steals Ambulance in GENESEO, N.Y. allegedly taking a joyride in ambulance
54.  December 7th, man steals Ambulance in Madison Al, ends up in Huntsville Al.
55.  December 21st, man steals Ambulance in Arkansas City, Kansas  stolen from Hospital staging area
56.  December 26th, woman steals Birmingham Fire Rescue service unit at gun point.   


July 9 2009 - Clarkburg VFD Decantur, Indiana, truck rolls on scene injuring 2
December 13, 2009 - Silverdale Fire Department, truck rolls out of bay, Arewa, New Zeland
April 28, 2010 - LK Shore VFD truck rolls, hits tree w/children inside, w/injuries. Pasadena, MD
May 4, 2012 - Detroit Lake Fire Department engine rolls into scene, 6 injured, Minnesota
July 17, 2012 - SCFD Florida Rescue rolls across parking lot into car @ supermarket/Publix
July 10, 2013 - Hoover Alabama fire truck rolls on scene, FF jumped inside and set brake
March 3, 2013 - Orange County Fire Department (FL) Station/E33 rolled across 4 lane hwy
June 14, 2014 – demo fire truck roll in parking lot at SCFFA trade show, damage to front
June 19, 2014 – SCFD Florida Rescue rolls backwards from FHO ER, $10k Damage
November 11, 2014 - Phoenix Arizona Fire Department, Engine rolls into light pole